Rusty Lake Paradise App Reviews

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Games glitches and doesn’t let me progress

I’ve enjoyed the game for the most part but in the 10th plague, the game won’t give me the arrow head (I’ve watched and mimicked the walkthrough multiple times), so I can’t complete the game which is super frustrating.

Another amazing game.

I am LOVING the story. I can't wait for the next installment


This is my favorite series. Everything about it is phenomenal and I will physically fight anyone who disagrees with me.

Terrific puzzles

For such a low price, I never expected such a great game! The puzzles are genuinely challenging, and some took a long time to solve. The story and setting were satisfyingly creepy. I loved playing this game, and will look at buying other Rusty Lake games now. Great work!

Great Game

You will not be disappointed! I love that it was longer than the others...hardest by far!

Silent Hill meets Twin Peaks meets the Amish

... not quite the Amish, forgive the lack of space in the title, but there is an awesomely grotesque colonial nature to the game that brings a haunting longing to all it touches. The music becomes a sweet surprise for people who like downcast atmospheres and the puzzles are a nice stop-in even for players who have seen it all. Great interface that encourages even beginners; there has been a lot of work put in everywhere.

Only play if you’re ready to get totally hooked

I have never written a review for ANY app or game, but I have to make an exception. Rusty Lake is one of the coolest and most immersive worlds I’ve entered in video games. A true return to the early 2000’s style of point and click(my favorite games as a kid) mixed with original animation and modern storytelling. Not only that- the game is truly difficult, but in a way that makes sense all the way through. Once I finished this game, I was so hooked I immediately downloaded another. I lost a few days playing all of the games in an attempt to piece together the whole story. Every one, even the beginner ones when the production value isn’t quite as polished, are crazy addicting and so fun to play. I had a great time and don’t regret one moment spent playing them. They are, in a word, amazing.

Good game

This was a great game! I wish it was a bit longer but there are many “achievements” that I didn’t get so I’ll be spending a lot more time looking for those.

Great Brain Time

Lovely puzzle fandango.


I thought it would be creepy, not disgusting. Collecting snot and leeches out of nostrils, pus, popping pustules, digging in latrines. I had to quit because couldn’t stomach it. Wretched game.

Messed up..

Extremely creepy and messed up. Be prepared for it :/ not up my alley whatsoever

Holy cow. Literally worst game I’ve ever played.

“Game” is nearly unplayable. Dull, ugly art (same monotone dude voices every weird cardboard character, monotonously. He also rips off the Twin Peaks Black Lodge method of backward-forward recording. There are like two things to interact with and like three bare “settings”); story makes no sense (there’s a leech in grandma’s nose? I pour wine into the goat’s bucket, which he then drinks? There’s a random totem pole/leech-juicer that somehow gives you a key?); gameplay is virtually nonexistent (there’s a whole lot of nothing while guess what your next nonsensical convoluted move has to be). It was so bad I couldn’t get through the second “chapter”. It all strongly feels like an underdeveloped “apps 101” class project that the creator was too high to do effectively. Holy cow. This thing is so bad. I want to save others from wasting money on it. I would give it zero stars if I could.

Pax West 2018

Saw this game at a booth at Pax West. The booth alone made me extremely interested and I never was able to get close enough to actually see the game. Luckily I made note and looked it up when I got home. By far my new favorite game. It fit my personality, style and humor 1000%! Now I have to go back and find all the achievements!

Good game.... one problem

I can’t get past the grandmother in the first plague, other than that the game is pretty okay, it has good artwork and and I like the Tim Burton-ish style of the game.


Amazing challenging I just wanted to keep solving the puzzles didn’t want the game to stop

Grotesque and Macabre puzzles

Imagine if Myst was designed by the creator of Salad Fingers. You would have this game. Dark, twisted and sometimes nauseating, the game is definitely on the fringes of what might be considered “fun,” but somehow manages to hold onto a measure of charm throughout. The game’s brain teasers tend to be pretty easy for the most part, as the majority of them have fairly simple logic that’s easy to work out with persistence. A few are genuinely tough, and others are far enough out of left field that they will take a little while to figure out just on their oddness alone. Still, it kept me busy for a couple hours which is easily worth the reasonable pricetag. NOTE: Don’t buy it if you don’t like leeches, bodily fluids, cartoon vivisection, or being responsible for the deaths of cute little animals. This game is pretty gross at times, and that was a bit off-putting to me, but your mileage may vary. However that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to buy another one. I liked the storytelling, despite how oppressively dark it is, so I’m encouraged to check out more from the title. My only objective complaints: -the navigation through the woods is cumbersome and can be a factor that slows down progress unneccessarily -the voice acting leaves *much* to be desired (however, Grandma showing up in random places and sounding like a man legitimately made me laugh aloud.)

Love these games

These games are so fun. Sometimes I have to set aside a puzzle and come back to it to figure it out. I like the fact that the puzzles are sometimes challenging yet not impossible to figure out. Keep these games coming!

It’s ok but not worth $3

I mean it’s ok, it gets a bit predictable after the 3rd plague. I was most annoyed because it give off the vibe of being scary but nothing happens. The storyline is alright but it really has nothing to do with anything. It isn’t hopeless tho, it has a few very good puzzles and it is relatively entertaining. All in all, I feel the game deserves a 2.5 star rating. I was nice and rounded up to 3.

Can’t wait for the next one

I’ve played every single Rusty lake game and I can’t wait for the next one! Keep making them? Btw when do you think the next will be out?

I need another one

These are so addicting please make another😭


i’m liking this game so far but what do i do if i’m stuck??

Good, but not as perfect as Roots or Hotel

Rusty Lake is always my must buy, since Hotel has laid perfect foundation to my expectations, and Roots is just wonderful too. So as long as there is new one, I play no doubt. But this one is kind of repeated path, and I feel a bit dull after going to same path so many times. I miss design in the Hotel and Roots.

Beautiful but respect the age rec

As others mentioned, the game is intriguing and beautiful. However, there are some disturbing aspects that are worth knowing about before playing, especially if the player is a child or sensitive adult. You will need to kill and bait animals and tolerate some creepy absurdity as you navigate through levels. Parental guidance and common sense are recommended. I played each level before my child and then I played it with her, so I knew when/how to monitor her exposure. This was an effective way to address our feelings and keep her from seeing the more disturbing imagery (eg, man-fly killing rabbit and removing heart). Otherwise it's a fascinating game.

Worth it?

Overall the game was weirdly enjoyable and I got really into it; however I felt that some of the puzzles didn’t have much pattern to them and the majority of the clues involved you moved back and forth across the map which I got a little tired of. It did provide a few hours of fun but I finished it in about a day and a half which makes me question if it was worth the three dollars


I just discovered this series (starting with cube escape) in May and I absolutely love them. I love the variety of puzzles and mechanics (the submarine in Cave was the most satisfying to figure out) and the quiet ambience; they’re perfect to play while I’m winding down for sleep, on a plane, or killing time at a coffee shop. I can’t wait to play Paradox (and watch it?!)!!

Great game, but...

I love this game so much each plague is more and more interesting but difficult. There was a problem when I got on plague 6 though, when I am poring the blood into the bottle while changing the times it glitches and lets me fill the whole bottle. Then the bottle empties and makes me restart all over again. I either need help or the game needs an update. Thanks

Like soo kewl

The best weird game for weirdos who like to do weird stuff and it’s good.

Say Goodbye to Real Life

By far my favorite puzzle game, the story is great and everything ties together (but you don’t need to play the other games to understand it) and is so interesting. I was so immersed in the game I literally spent a whole day playing it. The puzzles can be pretty hard but in the best ways, they challenge you and make you think a lot. I LOVE THESE GAMES! Can’t wait for Paradox.

Music is great

Just wanted to add the music on these games are fantastic!


I very very rarely make purchases on the App Store but thoroughly enjoyed this game. There are a good amount of levels to make the game last a while and some are pretty difficult. Will definitely be looking into more Rusty Lake games. Thanks!!



Enjoyed thoroughly, BUT...

First, I want to say thank you to the hardworking developers that have allowed me to enjoy countless hours of fun, creative thinking, a little frustration at times, but overall a truly enjoyable gaming experience. I first completed all of the FREE cube escape games and loved every single one. I don’t usually spend money on games but I had to for Rusty Lake because I knew the type of game it was going to be and it didn’t disappoint. Definitely worth the money. But - in my opinion, and I see others have felt the same, some of the mini games and puzzles were either too easy or just plain hard and I had to consult the walkthrough. My favorite part of the game are the mini games and I kept waiting for that really fun one like all the cube escape ones had. But anyway, I love the game, love the whole Rusty Lake story, and look forward to buying the next one (which I’m gonna do right now). Again, if you are looking for a fun and exciting game that will keep you engrossed for hours - this is it. I suggest trying some or ALL of the FREE Rusty Lake cube escape games first so you can get the feel for what kind of game it is and how to play it because it’s unlike any game out there. Thanks for reading!!

If you like the other Rusty Lake games, do NOT DOWNLOAD THIS

A waste of money, not similar to the other Rusty Lake games. This game lacks the puzzles that the other ones do, replacing it with mindless wandering around without any challenge. 0/5 Stars. Attempted to get a refund 5 min after beginning to play.


I never bought a game in my life and I bought this. So worth it. Puzzles weren’t too hard and if they are you can use a walkthrough. I was stuck on the bones for about a month but I was over thinking it came back to it and it was easy

I need more Rusty Lake

Loved it, the beautiful graphics and the sheer creepiness is in all Rusty Lake glory. Could do less with certain puzzles, but great game and cool story.

Intriguing and captivating

I don’t even like playing games on my phone, but I love puzzles, detective stories, and mysteries, and Rusty Lake is just mysterious enough to intrigue me! I’ve solved every one, and cannot wait for more! When???!!!!!!!


Absolutely wonderful game! Hints are provided during the walkthrough if you get stuck. Can’t wait to play the remaining games.


Not a fan.

Omg, sick

The game isn't just wonderfully weird. It's so bizarre with a Wickerman feel (original, not Nicholas Cage). Wonderful puzzles, very challenging.


Very nice game !!

It’s a masterpiece.

Brilliant and epically twisted challenges and puzzles. Very satisfying.

Among the best

I have 75 games on my iPhone but this ones got to be the best. I didn’t just get this app today either, I’ve had it for about 6 weeks. It doesn’t get old the 2nd or 3rd time through.

4.5 Stars

My favorite game! 10/10 recommend. If I could give this 4.5 stars I would, I enjoyed everything about the game except I thought the ending could have been a little better, i felt like it could have either been weirder or more explanatory. It just wasn’t satisfying.

Awesome GAME!!!

When I first started playing this game I thought it was going to be lame...but once I got into it, I love it. I love the challenge and the suspense I am going to play it over it

Great fun...until...

The puzzles are great fun and super engaging...until I got to the middle of plague 9 when the app crashed and reset all my progress for the entire game. Ugh.

strongly recommend

Great game! I am a big fan of Rusty Lake! All of the previous ones are fantastic and the new one is the most difficult but the best! I am so thankful to the game designers for their smartness and endeavors, that provide me with such a wonderful experiences!

If David Lynch made a video game...

This game is amazing. Never once before have I been so drawn into the world of a cell phone game. It plays out like a film in which you are the main character. It really pushes your mind to get past all the puzzles, but the clues are there. Hard to find the words to describe the experience. Incredible job.

Not stupid, just cant make it work!

I landed on the deer-hunter island. Found all the parts, but NOTHING would open the box. Watched walkthroughs. No help. Stuck at level one. I’m better than this. $2.99 down the drain.


This is the first game I download. I really loved it! Lynchian story, keep you engaged, and well done!

Ice skating

I tried over and over but I couldn’t finish because of the stupid ice skating! I got her to hit all for poles to crack the ice. And even with the walkthrough it was no help!!! I now each level is supposed to be harder but come on after she skates over all of them she is still not coming

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