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Ice skating

I tried over and over but I couldn’t finish because of the stupid ice skating! I got her to hit all for poles to crack the ice. And even with the walkthrough it was no help!!! I now each level is supposed to be harder but come on after she skates over all of them she is still not coming

So absorbing

Lately I was into ‘the silent age’ kinda games and I saw ‘rusty lake paradise’. First I loved the drawing style then little things really got me, like eerie shadow woman, twinpeaks-like voice, pagan motives. Some little puzzles were a little bit irritating, but I loved playing this game. Also after all the game level was not so easy, but not impossible to solve. Thank you 😇

Good game!

Very creepy. Very cool. Beautiful art and interesting themes. Some of the puzzles were too difficult to solve on my own but that just makes it a better game.


I enjoyed half of the game, but the other half is just disgusting. I don’t find human poop, green booger coming out from old lady, and giant fly amusing at all. Deleted.

Great game!


Crazy good! Loved it!!!

Great great game. Needed a couple hints along the way and the help was spot on.

I almost never review apps...

But I had to this time. This game is so wonderfully creepy and dark and bizarre! It’s challenging without being completely frustrating. I’m looking forward to trying the other Rusty Lake games out after I finish this one!

Weird but derivative and simplistic

The game play is different, I’ll give it that, but the only way you engage with the UI is by tapping a million times based on clues from riddles with frankly arbitrary logic. Plus the narrative is an uncreative cross between David Lynch ripoffs, Wicker Man and the Plagues of Egypt. I really wanted it to be better but it just fell short. The end of the game was pretty predictable and disappointing, but the middle sections weren’t all bad and provided some entertainment.


This game and all the others by Rusty lake are amazing, and I’ve played them all. Please make a new game soon!

I love Rusty Lake games more than anything

I’m not joking. It’s my favorite brand of games. I absolutely adore every single one of them. I’ve played all of them to date whether it be on my laptop or phone. I’m obsessed. I will pay good money for more games. Please. Please, make more games. They’re unlike any other games I’ve ever played. Imaginative, artsy, dark, weird, creepy, fun, interesting, mind-twisting. Amazing.

Great fun

Spooky puzzle solver. A little frustrating at times but if I just stepped back and slept on it I could usually figure out the next step. There are walkthroughs available if you are impatient! I was surprised to learn that I only found about 1/2 of the ‘achievements’ when I finished! Great use of my money. Have fun!

Not up to Rusty Lake usual quality

I’ve enjoyed playing the Rusty Lake games and their originality. I decided to pay for this game since the others were free and I owed them that much. I didn’t feel like this was worth the money though. I got tired of traversing the same paths over and over. And I really got tired of having to play several of the games multiple times in a row to progress. That’s just a time waster. There are no in game hints - just a link to the walkthrough.

Wonderfully creepy....

Loves this game! It’s so weird and cool, I couldn’t get enough of the story

Pretty good!

The game is great, and I was at the last plague before everything reset. I had reset the level a few minutes before because I messed up on the arrow, and then I did it again so I pressed reset. It reset everything. I’m sad, of course. But four stars from me!

Love rusty lake!!

I absolutely love the rusty lake games. All of them!! They’re challenging and strange and I love the somewhat creepy strangeness of the games! I hope they come out with a lot more because I’ve played and beat them all (the cube games too)!!!

Three hours, three dollars lost

I just got done playing this game, and said “I can’t believe I just spent that much time on that nonsense.” Granted— the imagery is really cool, and the story is creepy and fun. I experienced zero glitches or bugs, and some of the puzzles were fun. I love a good mental challenge. BUT, many of the puzzles just sucked. Without giving too much away, there are puzzles that are easy to solve but require you to walk back and forth across the entire map. There are puzzles that require you to just click around the entire screen (and move items to VERY SPECIFIC places) just to see what happens. And there are more than a few puzzles that will require you to look them up online, or else spend countless hours just trying to figure out what the eff these people are trying to get you to do. Save your money and time. It’s a shame, because this game was fun and well-made while it was progressing, but obnoxious at a lot of sticking points. I shouldn’t have to look up walkthroughs to figure out what a game is even trying to get me to do.


I really enjoyed playing this game but absolutely hated the killing of the animals and stabbing them and removing their hearts and such. Very disturbing. I would have given given it five stars otherwise but the fact that they encourage and find animal abuse and death to be fun and entertaining caused me to rate this game low. I would much rather kill adult humans in a game then animals so maybe the next game they can improve in this area.

Creepy and Fun

Looks awesome and I enjoyed all the puzzles. Just challenging enough to make it interesting but not so bad you don’t get to unravel an excellent story. Love it!

Wasted money.

I can’t even get past the first plague. I’ve reset the game, uninstalled it, reinstalled it and nothing happens when you put the leech in the tikis mouth. Disappointed, looked like an interesting game.

Ok puzzle game

Pretty short for the money.

Such. A. Good. Game.

I play a lot of story puzzle games and this one has been by far one of my favorite. I love the odd story line and the simple but good graphics. The puzzles aren’t insanely hard but some aren’t too easy either. Worth the $3.

Best game 4ever!

Just purchase it! Totally worth!

Seriously can’t brag on the Rusty Lake games enough

I absolutely adore every single game from this developer. The puzzles in this one are tough, but still fun to solve and the story is awesome. I love how the developer intertwines all their games through a common plot and original characters.

Totally weird and awesome!!!

Loved it!

Challenging and fun

I had to get hep on a few levels but I really enjoyed the challenge.

You'll get sucked in

Fun, clever, user friendly. Easy to pick up and get right to where you left off. Creative puzzles. I rather enjoyed and look forward to more.


This game. This game. This game is a masterpiece. The series is a masterpiece. The plot, the art, the music, and especially the gameplay all merge together to create a stunning atmosphere. I can’t understand why people call it “macabre,” it really isn’t that dark to me. However, that might just be desensitization at work. One of my favorite series ever, keep up the good work!

Love This Game

This game and all others from the Rusty Lake developers are addictive and amazing adventures. The graphics, storylines, and puzzles are terrific. I can’t wait for the next one to come out!

Macabre but logical

To say this game is macabre is an understatement. If you can get by cutting open animals & people to progress and snot & blood in almost every chapter this is the game for you. Very logical to play but now that I am on the 7th plague I am finding bit a bit boring.

I love this series!!

A few months ago I discovered and obsessively played through the previous games in this series and got hooked on the puzzles and eerie storyline. This new installment kept that obsession going! I love seeing this story unfold and I have so many more questions now! The puzzles in Paradise are even better than others, and I can’t wait to see how they continue!


Started with the Cube Escape series. I was blown away. I decided to purchase all 3 of the paid apps by Rusty Lake. If you like creepy, challenging, thought provoking puzzle games, these are for you. Do not hesitate to purchase this. I can’t wait for the next game. Keep up the good work guys. Nothing out there compares to these games. Thank you.

Was good but there is a bug

In the hail section, I can’t get the twig off the tree. I use the snow globe, which emits hail to hit the twig, but it just keeps resetting. Very frustrating and useless at this point. Norm

So Good!!

A very clever, dark puzzle game that I can’t put down. Well done Audio, Art and an interesting story. If you like Twin Peaks give this a shot.

A little disturbing

And pretty challenging for me. Although I love these puzzle games I’m not real brilliant at them, so I’m super grateful for the link to walkthroughs.


I have been waiting for this game since I discovered the Rusty Lake games last year in August. Amazing series. Can’t wait for the next installment.

First Game I’ve Ever Beaten on iPhone

This was such an intriguing game that made me want to keep going, gave just enough away to add to the story and then concluded nicely. Thanks for filling my spare time with such a fun game!


Wow! I didn’t want to stop playing. Interesting story. Great artwork. I’m a new fan of Rusty Lake!

Greatest puzzle/mystery game ever

This game was very fun to play! I’m one of those people who like creepy and weird things so this game was perfect. I really recommend to play this

Rusty Lake Delivers

I’ve played a ton of ‘escape the room’ type games. Rusty Lake, at its heart, is just that - a game where you, find & figure out clues that lead to an ‘escape’ to the next room or level - but at the same time is completely different from any themed escape game I’ve played. The graphics. Simple. Amazing. The art (and the graphics are art) sets the tone from your first glimpse at The Island adeptly named Paradise. The Story line is strong, the characters are individuals each with a different personality and each level mirrors the plague it represents in tone, background and character action. (One level has the island completely enveloped by fog and tests your familiarity with the landscape as you maneuver to solve that levels particular plague) You probably will get stuck. I’m not even going to admit how often I had to click on the walkthrough but that’s good. These puzzles aren’t solved by luck. You have to do the work and the work is challenging. If I had to criticize the game I would remark on the achievement counting. When I finished I was shown a grid of 50 achievements I had earned during the game. I might have missed something but I wasn’t aware that I was trying for achievements. That said, without trying I earned about 30 or so and finally understood why a ghostly white icon of whatever I was holding floated by on the screen and disappeared. You can go back to get the rest if you choose but I was mentally exhausted and wasn’t sure if getting all 50 awarded me with anything. A bonus level? A look at the newest game? My name, as art, hidden among the island trees? I’ll never know but it would have been nice to have known about the side goal at the start. All in All Great Game and I can’t wait for the next!


What exceptionally creative minds working in and with Rusty Lake. I’m surprised at every turn, or every heart stolen and frog flying down pants. Simply spectacular UI, story writing, art, theme and weirdness.

Few Bugs

I LOVE THIS APP! But there are some bugs that won’t let me progress in the game, although I’m doing the processes correctly. The biggest one for example is when I’m replaying the 10th plague, when I’m in the well and I have to spell out “owls” in the stone wall, I spelled it out, yet the door never opened. I even looked in the walkthrough to see if I did something different, but I didn’t. The first time I played, it worked fine, but the second play of the plagues seem to have bugs... I can’t finish the 10th plague because of this...

Excellent game!

What a beautiful and extremely challenging game. Loved the sound effects and eerie graphics.

I love these games

I played all the Rusty Lake games on the computer. Then bought and played all the apps. Each game is both logical and creepy. Love it.

Engrossing, atmospheric, twisted challenge. SuPERB.

Loving this SO much. Graphics, music, story, puzzles to solve, mystery lurking, just so very good. Bravo! When I'm done I’m going straight to find the other Rusty Lake titles. Like, immediately. Thanks RL!

Nice puzzler for a day...

This is a well constructed game that doesn’t have too many impossible puzzles. Most everything you can figure out with a few minutes of playing around. Some of the puzzles have very clever layers of difficulty. Click everything and consider minute details if a solution isn’t immediately apparent. Art design and music are well done and VO work adds to the creepyness... my only content complaint is that the creepiness depends on some grossing out events that had me going “Really?” in some parts. Overall, well done however. I will look for more offerings from this developer. I may go again to gain more achievements, the game doesn’t make it clear that achievements are there to be earned.

Worth the purchase

Just finished the game, I don’t know what happened but I enjoyed it! Very strange game. But that’s what makes it unique and enjoyable. Worth the $2.99


I love puzzle games and having think. This game started to be very cool, then annoying lily pads showed up! There is my rhyme or reason to make it through them and it’s just repetitive and annoying. NOT worth the money.

What a dark and clever game!!

I’m a longtime puzzle gamer, starting with Sierra and Kings Quest long ago. Rusty Lake Paradise is unbelievably dark, fun, clever, and challenging. The art and animation is excellent. All the actions and puzzles make sense once you finally get the hang of it. This is my first Rusty Lake game, I’ve already bought the other two to play, and will move on to the cube games as well. I don’t know how I missed these, but the game was long, interesting and thrilling in a way many puzzlers are not. Thank you developers!! Keep them coming, and you priced them so well so that many can play. I cannot say enough good things!!! Best game purchase in awhile. If you are on the fence, buy it now!


I would recommend this game to anyone who loves puzzles and/or the strange and macabre. Graphics are beautiful, score fits the feel of the game and also becomes a living part of the story. I am excited to see what else will come from this company because this is a top 5 in my opinion.

This game is disturbing

I mean it’s really good quality and everything but like it’s weird man

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